Mann Brothers Pearlite™ Metallic Paint Sample Kit is great for scenic artists and scenic paint students wanting to explore color mixing and theory, honing their craft or mixing together the perfect color for an upcoming production. Sample kit includes an 8 oz jar of Varabond™ White, an 8 oz jar of Color Themes™ Black, a 6 oz jar of Silver, and a 6 oz jar of Star Gold.

Mann Brothers Pearlite™ Metallic Scenic Paint is an acrylic based scenic paint intended to produce a lustrous metallic effect on a wide variety of surfaces. Available in both Interior (MB93-line) and Exterior (MB90-line) formulations, Pearlite™ ensures a truly long lasting metallic finish in any application setting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dries quickly to a shimmering metallic finish.
  • Can be top coated with Aquavar™ or Color Themes™ Clear for a longer lasting finish.
  • Includes: 8 oz jar of VaraBond™ White, 8 oz jar of Color Themes™ Black, 6 oz jar of Pearlite™ Silver, 6 oz jar of Pearlite™ Star Gold
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