Theatrical Curtains for Commercial, Architectural, and Themed Environments

Theatrical Curtains for Commercial, Architectural, and Themed Environments

Architectural Curtains

Theatrical drapery and curtains can add warmth, drama, beauty and texture to your commercial space. With over 30 years of experience, our talented Stageperts and Seam Team would love to work on curtains for your architectural, commercial, or themed environment installation. All of our curtains and drapery are fabricated in-house to meet your needs, specifications, timeline and most importantly, budget.

Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub Curtains

Curtains for Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs

Whether you need curtains for a nightclub stage or drapery to create ambience or section off areas in your restaurant, we’ll work with you to fabricate and install the perfect drapes for your space.

Rehearsal Space Curtains

Curtains for Studios and Rehearsal Spaces

From sound absorbing curtains for recording studios to divider curtains for rehearsal spaces to tv and film studio curtains and backdrops, your space will sound and look amazing with our custom drapery.

Curtains for Museums, Galleries and Exhibits

Curtains for Museums, Galleries and Exhibits

Museums, galleries and exhibit spaces love to use our custom drapery for tasks like partitioning off areas, blocking light, or as rich, luxurious backdrops or framing for exhibits. Contact us today for more info on making your exhibit pop with theatrical drapery.

Stage Curtains for Cruise Ships, Theme Parks and Attractions

Curtains for Theme Parks, Attractions, Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Ships

Some of the biggest names in theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and more have used our custom drapery to wow attendees, guests and event-goers for more than 30 years. Whatever your needs, our in-house team is ready to begin work on your project today. Contact us for more info.

Press Room Curtains

Curtains for Government, Commercial and Retail

From divider curtains to press room curtains to specialty drapery, we’ve got your commercial and government drapery needs covered. Contact us for help with your project.

For additional information on theatrical curtain care, measuring for theatrical curtains, and more, click here.

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