Stage Skirting

Stage Skirting

Stage Skirting

Stage Skirting is an easy and cost-effective way to dress up your stage, riser, or platform to give it a clean, finished look. Our stage skirting is custom sewn in-house and is available in a variety of indoor and outdoor fabrics, colors, and pleat styles. Sized to fit the width of your individual stage, it can also be made for fixed or adjustable heights. Fixed height stage skirts are most common. Our most popular choices for stage skirting are EventTex® and Valdosta, but stage skirting can be made from almost any of our fabrics. Our most popular skirting fabric choices are listed below.

Suggested Fabric Choices for Indoor Stage Skirting

Suggested Fabric Choices for Outdoor Stage Skirting

Stage Skirting Fullness

Our most popular fullness choice is 3" box pleats, 12" on center, but we can sew your stage skirts to whatever fullness you require. Listed below are our most popular fullness choices.

Flat Finish Stage Skirting

0% Fullness (Flat)

50% Fullness Stage Skirting with Box Pleats

50% Fullness

100% Fullness Stage Skirting with Box Pleats

100% Fullness

How does skirting attach to my stage, riser or platform?

Our most commonly requested finish is hook and loop fastener. Our standard stage skirts have 1" loop sewn onto the back side of the webbing on the top of the skirt, which allows it to easily attach to a strip of hook which is mounted to a stage. Another option is tacking or stapling the skirt to a stage (typically one made of wood). When ordering stage skirting or requesting a quote, please let us know how you plan on attaching it to your stage.

To receive a quote on custom stage skirting, please contact us or get a quote.


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