Rigging System Safety

Rigging System Safety

Rigging system safety starts with you.

Ensuring that your facility’s rigging systems are installed and operating safely is our top priority. Rigging safety starts with user training, yearly inspections and regular maintenance.

Rigging System User Training

Understanding the functionality of your rigging system’s equipment is the first step in ensuring the safety of your staff, performers and audience. When your staff is properly trained on operating your rigging system equipment, you can rest easy knowing that:
• your staff is safe.
• your equipment is being operated correctly, thus preserving and protecting your investment
• your staff will be able to identify potential problems like aging or damaged equipment

Rigging System Inspection

Another key to ensuring the safe operation of your rigging system equipment is performing annual inspections. Inspecting your rigging equipment can help to identify problems or potentially unsafe environments and minimize repair costs, and avoid expensive damages or even worse, injuries. Annual inspections ensure facility safety, protect your investment, and help to reduce liability risks. Our riggers are ETCP-certified, the industry standard for rigging knowledge, safety, and excellence. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

Rigging System Maintenance

When our rigging experts inspects your facility’s rigging system, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings. This report will detail equipment that is in proper working order, equipment that needs repair, equipment that should be monitored, and failing equipment that should be replaced. Our staff will provide recommendations and cost estimates for any maintenance or repairs.

To schedule a rigging system training, inspection or maintenance, contact us.


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