Stage Lighting Pipe Grids

Stage Lighting Pipe Grids

Lighting pipe grids are perpendicular cross-hatches of pipe attached to the overhead structure above a stage, or studio. It is a standard way to mount scenery and lighting instruments. It is extremely useful for lighting due to the multitude of locations it provides for instrument attachments.

A grid is typically comprised of several perpendicular overlapping runs of 1-1/2" Schedule 40 black iron pipe. This size accommodates theatrical c-clamps found on most lighting instruments.

Tp better help us provide a quote for your lighting pipe grid project, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Is there access to get a 21' pipe in the building and to the installation location?
  • What is the height from the floor to the ceiling mounting structure?
  • What is the desired height that the grid must be mounted?
  • Is there a ceiling between where the grid is to be mounted and the overhead structure?
  • What is the overhead structure that the grid will be mounted to? Is it I-Beams? What is the spacing between them? Or Is it a concrete ceiling?
  • What is the wall comprised of at the height the gird is to be mounted?
  • What is the spacing between pipes on the grid 4' o.c., 3' o.c.?


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