Specialty Fabrics

Specialty Fabrics

Our featured specialty fabrics have unique characteristics like stretch, airflow, durability, and more. Some are designed for outdoor use exclusively, with waterproof and sun-proof characteristics built-in.


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118 in Wool Serge IFR

Price $49.76
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Wool Serge IFR is used mainly for masking curtains, legs, border drapes and skirting. Wool serge has a black matte finish with no nap direction. Wool serge is also acoustically rated so it can be used for sound dampening purposes. 

Black Speaker Cloth FR

Price $13.59
Availability: 999999 In Stock

Black Speaker Cloth IFR is a wide 100% cotton fabric that combines a brushed surface for masking with good acoustical qualities. Used for masking speakers.

Burlap NFR

Price $4.25
Availability: 9999 In Stock

Burlap NFR is plant based, extremely durable and Eco-friendly. Burlap NFR can be used in many different applications such as table runners, bags, pillows, upholstery, and many other arts and crafts projects. Burlap is the perfect fabric for crafters, landscaping, rustic weddings, and upholstery.

Concert Mesh IFR

Price $46.79
Availability: 999 In Stock

Concert Mesh IFR is a white IFR, wide width, open weave PVC coated fabric designed for long-term exterior use. Great for building or stadium wraps, protective barriers for scaffolding, and for covering concert or venue speakers. 

Cordura NFR

Price $20.49
Availability: 999 In Stock

Cordura NFR is a rugged, heavy duty nylon utility fabric. Extremely durable, resistant to abrasions, rips, tears, and punctures. Excellent for storage items such as covers and bags, as well as drops and outdoor skirting.

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