Scenic Paints

Scenic Paints

For over 50 years, renowned studios and theme parks have trusted Mann Brothers scenic paints to bring their creations to life. Shop Mann Brothers Vara Bond™ premium water-based scenic paint, Color Themes™ interior/exterior scenic paint, Pearlite™ interior/exterior metallic scenic paint, and Aquavar™ water-based clear coat finish and sealer below. Consider Mann Brothers scenic paints a step up from Rosco brand scenic paints like Supersaturated Roscopaint and Off Broadway.

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Mann Brothers Color Themes Scenic Paint is the industry original theme paint. Perfect for theme parks, themed facilities, murals, and elaborate facades. A step up from Rosco Supersaturated Roscopaint scenic paint.

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Mann Brothers Vara Bond™ Scenic Paint Sample Kit includes four colors: Red, Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Umber. Vara Bond is a zero VOC flat finish acrylic latex paint formulated for the needs of studio sets, theaters, films, and scenic displays. A step up from Rosco Off Broadway scenic paint.

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