Rigging System Inspections and Maintenance

Rigging System Inspections and Maintenance

Our ETCP-certified rigging team specializes in the inspection, maintenance and repair of motorized, dead hung, and counterweight rigging systems, and motorized fire curtains.

Your rigging system is comprised of specialized equipment and machinery. To ensure that your system is working properly and safely, your equipment requires regular maintenance. Performing regular maintenance on your rigging system equipment will help to prevent component failure and avert potential property damage, serious injury or death. Additionally, your rigging system will continue operating smoothly, thus protecting your investment for years to come.

We recommend annual inspections and maintenance for all of your facility’s rigging systems. Our riggers are ETCP-certified, which guarantees that your inspection and maintenance will be performed by riggers with the highest standards for knowledge, excellence and safety. We will provide you with everything needed to satisfy OSHA requirements, including documentation of any services performed on your rigging equipment.

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