Arena Masking and Section Covers

Arena Masking

Arena Masking Curtains

Arena Masking Curtains

Arena Masking Curtains allow larger venues to "mask off" a portion of the facility to provide an audience with the comfort or intimacy of a smaller venue or the appearance of a sold out show.

Arena Masking Curtains can be fabricated in a variety of fabrics and styles to suit any size venue. Masking Curtains can be made for motorized or dead hung rigging applications and hung by our ETCP-certified installers. Need to mask other parts of your venue? We manufacture stage and riser skirting, section covers (see below), dasher board covers, and pipe and drape. 

Section Covers Arena Seat Covers

Section Covers

Our custom designed Section covers are great for blocking off entire sections or creating a projection surface for special effects. Custom designed for your exact specifications, our section covers blend seamlessly with your environment. Plus, setup and take down is quick and easy.

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