Steelflex Roundslings are designed for Suspension Applications where metal slings are required.

The load-bearing member of a Steelflex Roundsling is made from Galvanized Steel Aircraft Cable wound in an endless configuration. This wire core is encased in a double-wall polyester jacket. A unique inspection window allows for easy inspection of the core for broken wires and corrosion. The result is a highly flexible, easy to use sling that complies with all of the current rigging codes.

400F Temperature rating, no wire rope backup needed, core inspection window standard.

Rated Capacity: 
Vertical- 5,300 lbs. 
Choker- 4,200 lbs. 
Basket- 10,200 lbs.

Technical Specifications:

  • LiftAll Steelflex Polyester Round Sling
  • GACEN60 Black
  • Load stability and balance can be achieved by spreading sling legs
  • Wear points can be shifted to extend sling life
  • Length: 3 feet
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