Stage Curtain Fringe, Lettering, Tiebacks

Stage Curtain Extras

Stage Curtain with Fringe

Make a statement with your stage curtains. Add some bullion fringe, chenille lettering, a custom emblem or matching tie backs as finishing touches.

Chenille Letters

Our stage curtain letters are made of soft chenille thread and sewn onto a heavy felt backing before they are stitched onto your valance by our talented Seam Team. Stage curtain letters are available in five styles (shown below), in a variety of colors, and in the following sizes: 12", 16", and 20". When planning for chenille letters, please consider the height of your valance; be sure to leave at least 3" clearance at the top and bottom of your letters.

Click here to download our Chenille Lettering Selection Sheet.

Roman Block

Roman Block

Standard Block

Standard Block

Old English

Old English



Stage Curtain Emblems

Custom Emblems for Stage Curtains

In addition to chenille letters, we can also stitch your organization’s emblem onto a valance or curtain. Emblems are custom jobs so please send us your artwork and we’ll provide you with a quote. For examples of printed dye sub emblems or logos, click here.

Stage Curtain Fringe

Fringe for Stage Curtains

Premium bullion fringe is the traditional choice for edging stage curtains and valances. Available in two traditional gold colors, in 3", 6", 9", 14" and 20" lengths. 

Stage Curtain Tiebacks

Stage Curtain Tie Backs

Stage and window curtain tie backs are a decorative strip of fabric typically used for securing an open curtain off to the side of a window or stage. Typically, tie backs are constructed from the same material as the curtain and often feature grommets at the ends so they may be easily hooked or tied to off-stage hardware. Tie backs are often used as aesthetic elements and to help further define a space.

To receive a quote on stage curtains please contact us or fill out our drapery quote request form.


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