How to Measure Existing Stage Curtains

How to Measure Existing Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains with Tag

Check Your Stage Curtains for a Tag

Before measuring, check your stage curtains for a tag. Drapery tags are usually found on one of the lower off-stage sides of the curtains. Sometimes they are also sewn to the upper off-stage sides (attached to the webbing). This tag may curtain size, fullness, flame retardancy, fabric type, color, and other useful information. If your stage curtains do not have a tag, follow the instructions below.

Measuring Stage Curtain Height

Measuring an Existing Stage Curtain's Height

At the side hem, measure from the top of the curtain (don't worry about where the grommets are placed) to the bottom of the curtain. Make sure that the curtain is hanging straight and pulled taut, and not pooled on the floor (this will affect your measurement).

Measuring Stage Curtain Width

Measuring an Existing Stage Curtain's Width

Measure your stage curtain along the top webbing. The measurement of the top webbed part of the curtain is the true width of the panel. Measuring this part will eliminate any confusion due to fullness (which creates a pleated look). Do not measure the width at the bottom hem. Measure each panel individually.

For instructions on how to measure for new stage curtains, click here.


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