Standard Stage Drapery Finishes



The Standard top finish of flat drapery has webbing double stitched with grommets 12" on center. Black grommets are used on black fabric, and brass grommets are used on fabric of color. Our standard top finishes available are:

Off stage side hems are traditionally 2" with a small tuck. On stage side hems are referred to as turn backs. These turn backs vary in size from 12" to 1/2 width, to 1 full width of fabric.

The standard bottom hem is 3" or 6" with either weight tape or a chain pocket inside. If a pipe pocket is desired, one of three methods is used: 1) standard 6" pocket, 2) 6" pocket with an inner canvas pocket or, 3) 6" pocket with a 6" flap in front of the pocket.

Curtains can be sewn flat (0% fullness) with panels of fabric sewn edge to edge, or sewn gathered (with fullness). Pleating gives the curtain depth and allows the curtain to absorb more light. Pleating options are: